Between the planning, the expenses, the decisions of what to take with you, what to leave, what to sell, what to give away to relatives, the boxing, the unboxing and about a million other things to take care of, it’s no wonder moving is a difficult, stressful process. Luckily, this particular dark cloud has a silver lining: moving often does count as a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) for enrollment in a health insurance plan. Normally, enrolling in a health plan is only possible during the Open Enrollment Period, however, certain major events in your life (such as changes in household size or loss of coverage) can trigger a sixty-day Special Enrollment Period, which you can use to enroll in a new plan – and moving from one state to another is always considered to be such an event. Moving to a new zip code is typically considered a QLE as well since different areas usually offer different health plans. Other moving-related QLEs include moving to the U.S. from another country or U.S. territory, moving to or from a shelter, switching between two homes you own in different areas of the US (for retirees, for example), moving to or from the area where you attend school (for students), and moving to or from the area where you live and work (for seasonal workers). It is very important to note that this Special Enrollment Period only works if you had insurance before moving. Unless you’re just moving into the U.S., you will have to provide proof that you had health insurance for at least one day in the sixty days preceding your move. Additionally, don’t get any ideas of going on vacation and using that as a pretext for enrolling in a new health plan! That doesn’t exactly count as a permanent relocation, in case that needed clarifying. Neither does moving to a different area to get treatment in a hospital. If you’re intending to move and would like more information about the health insurance options available to you, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us. It will be our pleasure to help you choose the most appropriate health plan for your household’s needs.